• To explore Nonintrusive Human-Computer Interaction for Ambient Computing.

The Initiatives

This is an effort to explore using sound and audio as primary means of human computer interaction without relying on visual display. This is not voice interface.

  • Interactive Sound Synthesis Engine:

The effort addresses the need of realtime interactive sound synthesis. Most sound synthesis systems today are not interactive enough by using predefined timbre and limited tuning features. The less interactive is because the contradiction of well described sound algorithm and settings are hard to tune whereas interactive sound is hard to describe due to unpredictable event. In applications such as gaming, sonification, sound user interface and virtual reality, however, the interactive is so critical cause the system simply doesn’t know what would happen in next 10 millisecond!

The Applications

It’s a new kind of mobile apps without necessity of seeing screen, but hearing sound. An App to test Sound User Interface design. Very useful when walking or driving. Just swipe, tap and listen!

  • In-Vehicle UI

    There is nowhere that requires simple user interface as driving does. Make it simple, make it simple, please…

  • Gadgets UI

No need display, no need to speak to….